The continents

The world Realms Rising consists of two big continents, two poles and several island.

The eastern continent of the world Yngvirik is inhabited by vampires and is the home of many battles and wars. Marks of this violent, but long forgotten past can be seen throughout the land.

On the central island Saaritaika is the great citadel of the mages. A school, fortress and city where the mages live and study and no other living being has acces to it.

There is not much known about the western continent Maavalo, mainly because no historian ever came back. There are rumours about strange creatures and golden forests made out of light. You can believe it if you want, but don’t count on these rumours to be true.

Our story is set in a special province:


This immemmorial city of men has changed tremendously over the millenia and has grown since and still keeps growing. So that today, there are millions of vampires living in this city.

Through this constant change and growth new districs and city walls had been built throughout the city, but were then forgotten and unattended.

While the city is overpoulated, in the east there are still small villages and farms, who are responsible for providing the city with food and resources.

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