Main Character of the storyThe story of Realms Rising is about a young vampire, it’s about war, refugees, family, friends and loyalty; it’s about personal relationships and about the big picture.

You, as a player, will have a big impact on the war that is going on between the royal army and the rebels. As a common soldier you have to face the horrors of war and might want to run away from it. You will meet friends and enemies and sometimes you can’t tell who is what. Because there is no black and white, there’s only different shades of grey.

Two sides of a war

What is it worth fighting for, if the horror of war is too big? Who will you rescue or defend and who will you fight or kill? There are some decisions to make.

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The story of a young man

Two years after royal soldiers killed his mother, father and little sister our protagonist joins the rebel army, that is fighting against the royals, to avenge the death of his family. While being a recruit he meets different people and makes friends with other soldiers. He learns how to fight with his sword and how to survive in the wilderness. The character you will play has to see and do terrible things for the rebels. This is why he decides to flee from the army and the war. Because the escape doesn’t work as he it should have, guards are following him and the player has to run further and further, always in panic that the guards might get him.

As the protagonist runs away from the soldiers he meets a boy near a farm. It’s the son of the farm owner and he invites the player him in to the farm. Because the family sees his rebel uniform and thinks he’s fighting for the rebel army and running away from royal soldiers, they let him hide there. They don’t like the royal army and you will find out why in the game.

While hiding at the farm the player learns how to use a bow and becomes friends with the family and does a lot of farming work. But through some tragic events he has to face the war again and work for different sides and people. So he never leaves war behind but gets dragged deeper and deeper into it.

The family that helps the player.

More of the main story will be revealed when you play the game.