FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Who is developing the game?

Programmer, writer, composer, creator of worlds and stuff: Christopher Schaar
2D-Artist and art director: Pablo Peruzzi (retired)
Animator: Pedro Cavalchini (retired)
2D-Artists: DIStudios

When will Realms Rising be released?

Some day

On what platforms will the game be available?

Realms Rising will be published exlusively for PC. Mac and Linux might be possible, too. I hope you will buy it on Steam or GOG or any other platform that will sell the game.  Console or mobile versions are not planned yet.

Why no console or mobile versions?

There are several reasons: First, it’s a lot more work, not only programming, but especially financial and administrative. Secondly, it’s not that easy to port a PC game to a mobile device, so that will not happen. There might be a console version in the far future though (should there be any demand). The game will support gamepads anyway, so that’s the smallest issue.

How much will the game cost?

That is not decided yet. But the price will be low, as for most indie games.

How long will it take me to complete the game?

This is unknow, yet. Because it has an open end, you can play forever if you want 🙂 . The main story will be a few hours, because there’s only one person developing the game at the time and it has to be released some day.

What languages will be supported?

English and German, because German is my first language. Maybe more languages might be added later. But the best thing is: You can change every text of the game through a .json text file that is accessible on your computer! So if you want to translate the game into your language, you’re more than welcome to do it. Because there is no spoken text in the game (yet?), it’s easy to translate for everyone.

If you want to help with the translation into your language, please contact me and if your translations will be added to the game, you will be credited and rewarded for it 😉

Will there be mod support?

Not at launch and maybe never. Mod support would mean to rewrite a lot of things and is a lot of work. However, you can change every text and name in the game through a text file.