A 2D Fantasy Game

“Making Vampires Great Again”

Protagonist of Realms Rising
The protagonist of the game.
Royal Soldier
Soldier of the Royal Army

Realms Rising is a 2D fantasy story-RPG where you play a young vampire in a time of war. So it’s a two dimensional role-playing game in a fantasy world, set in a medieval time period and in a world full of vampires.

This role-playing game tells the story of a young vampire, who flees from the horrors of war, only to get deeper into it. If you want to know more about the story click here or in the menu on “Story”.

The story is set in a comprehensive detailed world full of history, myths and legends. Surely you want to know more about this so click here or in the menu on “Story -> World”.

The game is being developed by a small but dedicated team. We want to create an indie-game with an exciting and emotional story in a rich, immersive world. The hand-painted graphics and the custom-made music shall create an unique mood, which drags you as a player deeply into its world.

Game Features of Realms Rising

Currently Realms Rising is in an early stage of development, so all the described features, stories and ideas are not final and can change while the development of the game progresses.

Story-driven game

MapRealms Rising tells the linear story of a young vampire and is not a complete open world game. The player gains access to new areas for following the main quests. It is possible to return to previously visited areas. A good reason to return might be the sidequests, you can complete independently from the main quest, to immerse yourself more in the world, its history and characters. Here you can read more about the story.


HeartYou like dying? Well me neither. Because you’re playing a young vampire in Realms Rising, dying isn’t like you might know it. Of course you can die, it’s just not as likely as in other games, despite strong enemies. This dying system is one of the unique features of Realms Rising. More details will follow some time before the release.


BackpackOf course you need skills to master your quests and we give them to you. But as a vampire you can’t cast magic spells, like fireballs that can heal 😉 or magical shields that can prevent damage (who needs those anyway?). We give you the greatest skills ever, just be patient and you might be able to see them here.


SwordFighting is a major part of the game. Whether againt hostile vampires (who don’t easily die) or other creatures. Every fight is a unique challenge and as such, should be prepared, otherwise it might be your last.

For your weapon arsenal there will be swords and longer swords, as well as arrows and bows. There might be more weapon types later on, though it’s just not planned yet.

There will be different types of armour: Light and heavy ones, which will have an impact on your speed, defence and other aspects. Or just run around naked and try to survive like that…everything is possible!

Complex world and history

BookYou can find out a lot about the history of the world of Realms Rising through books, quests and dialogues. About the past, old legends, modern heroes and foes and about distant lands and cultures.

Through many years of creating a world, its history, language, cultur, politics, religions and everything that a world has to offer, there is now a rich and complex world to play in. With Realms Rising you can experience a story that is set in an especially thrilling period. You can read more about the world of the game here.

Level and experience system

StarThe levels and experience points are classified in three categories (there could be more some day): Melee fight, distance fight and blocking. Through training in one of the categories you will get experience and advance the level. So, you will get better with swords for fighting with swords and you will get better with bows by hitting a target with the arrow. And, of course, you will get better in blocking if you successfully block an enemy attack.

Sound and Music

Music will be an important part of the game because this is what dictates the mood and feelings. You will be able to play instruments in game and maybe discover some secrets by playing the right melody 😉